Lake Königssee, an aqua-green simmering jewel in the Berchtesgaden National Park, is surrounded by an impressive natural landscape.

Rising 1800 meters above the lake is the gigantic Watzmann Mountain which serves as a backdrop for stunning boat rides to the chapel of St. Bartholomew. The lake, which reaches depths of up to nearly 190 meters, fills the entire valley. Located on an approximately 85 meter long peninsula is the pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew with its 12th century chapel. A short 35 minute boat rides brings you to the church.

This picturesque landscape has inspired many painters and visitors from across the world. In this former hunting lodge of the Bavarian kings, guests can now enjoy regional culinary specialties. Here you can relax and enjoy, getting to know the surrounding area – at least until the ships’ whistle blows, calling you back to the harbor station of Schönau. Grödig is but a 15 minute ride from Lake Königssee, a spot that you will certainly want to include during your stay in Grödig by Salzburg.

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