The world’s largest ice cave is located near Salzburg in the village of Werfen. Here you will find a fascinating display of ice and rock.

To get to the mouth of the ice caves visitors take the steepest cable car in Austria and enjoy imposing views of the Hohen Tauern Alps and the Salzach valley. Those who venture into the world of the “Ice Giants” will find themselves in a totally foreign world – a labyrinth of nearly 42 kilometers of trails through the ice caves. The uniquely shaped corners carry such names as “The Empire of Diamonds”, “The Serpent” or the “Labyrinth of Demons”. Don’t worry, your trip through the ice caves will be led by an experienced guide!

For more than the past 100 years, these gigantic and bizarre ice formations and sculptures have left a lasting impression on visitors – and they will certainly do the same for you!

You will want to prepare yourself for your tour through the fascinating ice caves by wearing solid shoes and warm winter clothing. Please note that this hike requires you be in good physical condition.

Opening times and additional information:
From the beginning of May until the end of October

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