Come and enjoy yourself in one of Grödig’s many inns and restaurants. These fine establishments offer not only world-famous Austrian specialties, but also international cuisine.

Satisfy your hunger with locally-caught fish, meats, crispy salads and sweet desserts! The region of Salzburg offers a multitude of delicious delicacies to sample, and dining in Grödig is as it is supposed to be – a pleasure

A vacation in the Salzburg region is always an unforgettable culinary experience and one sure to please the palate.

The local gastronomy here in the Salzburg-South has an excellent reputation.

Why? Because our chefs are masters at pampering their guests. Roast pork, Wiener schnitzel, apple strudel and the famous Salzburger Nockerl, or Salzburg Soufflé, are always served fresh, as are our pastas and pizzas! Among the fine establishments for you to enjoy are the Eight Grödig Meeting Points – a group of restaurateurs who each autumn present the Musical-Culinary-Festival and offer guests the very best of their exquisite cuisine. Not to worry though, they also serve up scrumptious dishes throughout the rest of the year which is guaranteed to delight young and old alike.

We invite you to come in, sit down, relax and enjoy your dining experience in Grödig.

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