The municipality of Grödig consists of 5 districts: Grödig, St. Leonhard, Glanegg, Fürstenbrunn, and Eichet. Each individual district has its own charm. Right in the center of Grödig, you will find excellent dining options, small accommodations, great shopping opportunities, and a well-developed infrastructure. Buses run at regular intervals towards Salzburg, Hallein, and also to Berchtesgaden.

Sightseeing in Grödig - the Radio Museum

You can expect devices from the beginnings of wireless telegraphy, detector and tube apparatus at the Radio Museum. You will also find rarities such as a radio built in Salzburg in 1928, an Ingelen US 437 Geographic (built in 1937), a wire-tone device, and a series of rare devices from the early days of broadcasting.

The Radio Museum provides insight into the origins of radio, starting with the "Volksempfänger" (people's receiver) and showcasing various forms of music devices. In addition to various exhibits and demonstrations of rare devices, visitors can actively participate, for example, in building a detector device.

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St. Leonhard

St. Leonhard is a romantic district of Grödig. Its patron saint is St. Leonhard, to whom the beautiful pilgrimage church owes its name.

The pilgrimage church in St. Leonhard

It is one of the most interesting architectural and cultural-historical landmarks in the vicinity of Salzburg: It combines various architectural styles in a surprisingly harmonious way. The nave is Romanesque, while the triumphal arch and choir were built in the Gothic style. The 63-meter-high tower dates back to 1644.

Advent season in St. Leonhard

Every year during Advent, St. Leonhard am Untersberg shines in a special light: at the well-known Advent market around the impressive church. Homemade delicacies and traditional handicrafts are offered in 16 stalls. Prior to the peaceful Advent season, the traditional Leonhardi Ride takes place on a Sunday around November 6th, the feast day of St. Leonhard.

The nostalgic church with its solemn atmosphere and the cozy inns in close proximity also make St. Leonhard a popular venue for unforgettable wedding celebrations.

The Untersberg Cable Car

In just 8 1/2 minutes, you can reach the summit for a fantastic view over Salzburg. The Untersberg Cable Car in St. Leonhard takes you to the famous Salzburg city mountain every half hour. The Untersberg Cable Car is a member of the SalzburgCard!

Glanegg und Eichet

Both of these districts are particularly great starting points for hikes on the Untersberg. The "Reitsteig" and the "Dopplersteig" trails begin directly in Glanegg. But even at the foot of the Untersberg, you can take beautiful extensive walks around the Glanegg Manor.

A special highlight in Eichet is the adventure farm, which is a popular destination, especially for children. For more information, visit:  Erlebnisbauernhof Grödig


In Fürstenbrunn, the Untersberg Museum is well-known for its marble ball mill, as well as for its quarries. It is also the end or destination of the ski descent. Brand new since the year 2023 is the "Marmorweg" (Marble Trail), which starts at the Untersberg Museum and leads through all districts until reaching St. Leonhard.

The Untersbergmuseum

The main focus of the collection is on the customs and legends surrounding the Untersberg, which is considered to be the epitome of a legendary mountain in the German-speaking area.

The figures of the "Wild Hunt" are exhibited here, except for around the 2nd Thursday of Advent when they come to life and are on the move.

Guided tours are available by appointment.

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