Salzburg’s ruling prince archbishops lived the good life. They ruled Salzburg, and the local salt deposits, made them and the city rich.

This wealth enabled them to host lavish festivals, and to amuse themselves in country side. During the 17th Century they built a summer palace on the outskirts of Salzburg which is today located just a short distance from Grödig in Salzburg-South. Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems came up with the idea of constructing the Hellbrunn Palace and had it built in the Italian style. Today it is considered one of the most magnificent Renaissance constructions north of the Alps and boasts a very unique feature – its trick water fountains.

Here, too, you can relax and enjoy. The trick water fountains are a refreshing surprise – and quite a lot of fun, especially on a hot day. Also worth a visit are the Neptune grotto, the Venus grotto or the Goddess Diana fountain.

The Hellbrunn Palace grounds are a great place for a stroll in quiet, natural surroundings. Guests can picnic on lush green meadows or let the children run around on the park’s large playground.

Of particular interest are the rock theater, Europe’s oldest open-air theater, and the Monatschlössl Villa, both of which are located on a rocky hill above Hellbrunn’s gardens. Immediately adjacent to Hellbrunn is the Salzburg Zoo.

Hellbrunn Palace, Trick water fountains

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