The Untersberg Mountain is majestic and mysterious. This “hometown” mountain that rises above the village of Grödig is also surrounded by numerous legends.

One of these legends tells of the Emperor Karl V who lives within the 1973 meter high mountain and who rules over his dwarf mountain inhabitants – the “Untersberger Mandln.” As the story goes, he sits at a table, around which his beard has already grown two full times. Legend says that when his beard has grown around the table three times, he will emerge again from his cave and the world will come to an end. 

Whether or not this folktale is true is not certain, one thing is that is definitely legendary is the magnificent view from atop the Untersberg! Visitors can reach the summit via the marked hiking trails or by the impressive Untersberg cable car, which takes only 8 ½ minutes to ascend 1,320 meters!

Whether you experience the Untersberg from the cable car or if you strap on the hiking boots, the breathtaking panoramic view of the Salzburg basin and the Berchtesgaden region from atop this beautiful mountain is guaranteed to chase away all stress or strain.

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