The Legendary Untersberg

The neighboring Berchtesgaden region offers a multitude of leisure activities such as hiking, with the Untersberg being a particularly impressive highlight that can be explored optimally from the German side.

The Untersberg is the northernmost massif of the Berchtesgaden Alps, spanning the border between Bavaria and Salzburg, with the border running right through the mountain. The prominent summit plateau of the Untersberg is dominated by two main peaks: the Berchtesgaden Hochthron (1972 m) and the Salzburg Hochthron (1853 m). Within the 70 km² area of the Untersberg, numerous caves can be found, including the Schellenberger Ice Cave, which has been developed as a show cave, and the Riesending-Schachthöhle, Germany's longest cave at a minimum of 19.5 km and the deepest at over 1148 m.

Here you can find sone tours for hiking!

Tip for Families: Almbach Gorge and Kugelmühle

The starting point alone, Germany's oldest marble ball mill, is worth a visit. Since 1683, fine marbles made of Untersberg marble have been polished here in Marktschellenberg, solely by the power of rushing water. The family-friendly hiking trail through the Almbach Gorge then leads over three kilometers on a well-secured path with bridges, stairs, and tunnels through the rushing water masses...

Tour Details: 7.1 kilometers, ascent and descent 437 meters, 1 hour, 45 minutes pure walking time.

The Schellenberger Ice Cave

A bizarre world of water, ice, and rock unfolds in the Schellenberger Ice Cave, Germany's largest ice cave above the roofs of Marktschellenberg. 60,000 cubic meters of ice up to 30 meters thick invite you to a fascinating underground walk. The simple but steep ascent variant from the village via the Toni Lenz Hut to the entrance portal at 1570 meters above sea level takes about three hours...

Tip: Don't forget warm clothing and sturdy footwear!

The Stöhrhaus on the Untersberg

High up on the Untersberg, the sun terrace of the Stöhrhaus at 1,894 meters invites you to take a break. The accommodation hut, located on a high plateau, rewards you with breathtaking views and authentic Bavarian cuisine... The Stöhrhaus has a total of 58 beds, from dormitories to triple rooms.

For Climbers:

The Berchtesgaden Hochthronsteig The challenging via ferrata leads through the 400-meter-high east wall of the Berchtesgaden Hochthron and is secured with wire ropes and rungs except for a short walking passage. The modern via ferrata was elegantly constructed in 2007 to safely guide experienced climbers through the steep rock wall...

Tour Details: Via ferrata length 600 m, wall height 400 m, 1200 m elevation gain, 7-8 hrs., East orientation. Starting Point: Hinterrossboden Parking Lot, Ettenberger Straße, D-83487 Marktschellenberg

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