Towering majestically over the valley below, it seems as if the Untersberg is situated right in the middle of the St. Leonard district of Grödig.  From the base of the mountain, visitors can peer upward and contemplate what the world might look like from the lofty peaks. Another option is to gaze down from the summit and plan out the day’s activities from among the many attractions on and around the Untersberg.

Summer activities on the Untersberg

For those who like the physical activity, all that is needed to conquer the summit of the Untersberg is solid shoes and appropriate hiking gear. The marked routes are each unique and have varying levels of difficulty. The Dopplersteig path begins in the Glanegg section of Grödig and leads to the summit.  If you are the kind of person who likes a thrill, this is the route for you since part of the trail is narrow and runs alongside a steep rock face. Without a doubt, the view of Salzburg – the City of Mozart, from along the trail make the hike well worth the effort. A less strenuous route is the Reitsteig trail that runs primarily through wooded areas. It is especially suited for hot summer days.

Both trails offer hikers the chance to relax at the Zeppezauerhaus, an alpine hut on the Untersberg. Here guests can enjoy the panoramic views and be pampered with tasty dishes served by the Zeppezauerhaus staff.

Did you know guests can also spend the night at the Zeppezauerhaus or in one of the other alpine huts on the Untersberg? This experience is something every mountain enthusiast must do! The peace and quiet of the mountains late in the evening and in the early morning is truly a memorable experience.

It is just about a 20-minute walk from the Zeppezauerhaus to the cable-car station at the summit. From there, an hour’s walk will bring you to the Schellenberger Ice Caves on the German side of the Untersberg. These ice caves are the highest in Germany and can be visited as part of a tour. Remember to dress warmly, since even in the summer months temperatures in the caves can be below 0°C.

For those who want to avoid the challenging ascent, climb aboard the Untersbergbahn cable car at the base station in St. Leonhard and enjoy the ride to the top. The summit station at 1,776 m leads to a plateau with countless hiking and walking paths. Remember though, even if you tackle the mountain via the cable car, you must wear solid shoes and appropriate clothing!

The mountain’s limestone faces are a favorite for climbers. Climbing these challenging routes absolutely requires significant experience and a lot of stamina.

Paragliders and hang-gliders can ride the cable car to the top before sailing off into the wind.

Winter activities on the Untersberg

When snow conditions are right, the Untersberg becomes a popular ski region. Take the cable car to the top, and after a 20-minute walk to warm up, skiers reach the top of the slope. From there it is a 7.5 km long descent of pure joy to the valley below. The slope ends in the Fürstenbrunn section of Grödig, and from there just hop on the bus to bring you back to the base station. Back country skiers will enjoy the magnificent ascent to the summit, and those who prefer snow-shoeing will find superb opportunities available to them on the Untersberg.

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And don’t forget - there is always plenty to do down below! The wonderful hiking trails at the base of the Untersberg are open summer and winter.

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