The Untersberg near Salzburg offers locals and guests various options for Alpine climbing.

Among the routes is “Open Sesame” route (secured with bolts), as well as various routes between the Scheibenakuser, Wandfuß and Stöhrhaus. Just 5 kilometers from Grödig is the village of Marktschellenberg where you can follow the Hochthron route.

These routes are a difficult climb, and you should only attempt to climb the Untersberg if you are an experienced climber and have the proper gear!

Climbing at Untersberg is a popular activity for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts in the region around Salzburg, Austria. The Untersberg is an impressive mountain range with many climbing routes of varying difficulty levels.

There are different climbing areas and rock faces on Untersberg suitable for beginners to experienced climbers. The routes vary in length, steepness, and protection, offering something suitable for every taste.

Before you start climbing at Untersberg, it's essential to have the necessary climbing know-how and carry the required equipment. If you don't wish to climb alone, there are climbing schools and guides in the area that offer guided climbing tours.

The view from Untersberg is breathtaking, and climbing in this stunning mountain landscape provides an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers alike. However, it's essential to always prioritize safety and respect local rules and regulations concerning climbing to preserve nature and the environment.

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