Yoga is all the rage these days. Regardless of the level of difficulty, body and breathing exercises (asanas and pranayama) can help you relax, make you fit, and give you strength.

You don’t need a yoga or fitness studio to practice yoga – why not practice yoga outdoors in the fresh air with all its natural prana (vital life force)? The Untersberg is the ideal venue for yoga enthusiasts. The mountain is known for its mystical energy sites, some of which are in fairytale-like forests, while others are atop the summit and offer breath-taking views. Recharging your natural energy on a warm day can be an unforgettable experience!

Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced the art for many years, everyone can benefit from working with an experienced yoga guide and practitioner. Ms. Walpurgis Schwarzlmüller, M.A., a certified yoga and meditation instructor, has been offering courses in Salzburg for many years. She welcomes young and old, novice and experienced yoga enthusiasts to join her for courses in Salzburg and the surrounding areas. Ms. Schwarzlmüller conducts lessons regularly from the spring through the autumn at venues on and around the Untersberg.

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Energizing hikes

Yoga und meditative hiking simply go together!

Energizing hiking tours on the Untersberg include visits to various wooded areas, caves and other mystical spots. Achieve balance, greater contentment and inner peace along the way as you listen to mythical tales of the Untersberg and its extraordinary surroundings.

The Nature-Culture-Health Association researches the positive effects of the Untersberg’s many energy sources, the unique properties of local herbs and the superior water quality of the mountain’s water on physical and emotional health.

Interested new members are always welcome!

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