Just a few kilometers from Grödig is a unique journey into the past. At the Open air museum in Großgmain by Salzburg visitors can experience what farm life was like in the Salzburg region.

Just a few kilometers away from Grödig, you embark on an impressive journey back in time. At the Freilichtmuseum Großgmain near Salzburg, you'll learn all about rural life in the Salzburg region.

Old farmhouses, agricultural buildings, stables, and mills from Salzburg were dismantled, restored, and reassembled to create an extensive museum. Over 60 buildings, including alpine huts, a village school, a sawmill, and a blacksmith shop, provide insights into the rural culture of the past 500 years, with numerous craft demonstrations. Here, you can witness how the farming community lived and worked in Salzburg.

Brand new, yet with a touch of nostalgia, is the authentic vintage railway that has been transporting visitors through the open-air museum since 2010.

Take your time and embark on a time travel through six centuries to discover Salzburg's rural past. Explore the old farmhouses, marvel at the simple and diverse life of bygone eras, and enjoy the hospitality at the cozy museum tavern "Salettl."

Opening Hours and Prices for the 2023 Season:

1st July to 31st August: Daily from 9 am to 6 pm (last admission at 5 pm) 1st September to 15th October: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm (last admission at 5 pm) 16th October to 11th November: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm (last admission at 4 pm)

Adults: EUR 12.00 Families (Parents with children or grandparents with grandchildren): EUR 24.00 Children up to six years: Free Students: EUR 6.00 Salzburg Family Card: EUR 22.00 Seniors: EUR 10.00 Visitors in wheelchairs, blind individuals, deaf individuals, individuals with 100% disability card: Free

Buy tickets online: Online Ticket Shop More information: www.freilichtmuseum.com

Additional information and hours of operation can be found at:

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