Open-air museum in Großgmain

A journey back in time

Just a few kilometers from Grödig is a unique journey into the past. At the Open air museum in Großgmain by Salzburg visitors can experience what farm life was like in the Salzburg region.

Old farm houses, inns, stalls and mills from the Salzburg region have been brought here, renovated and turned into an extensive museum complex. More than 60 buildings combine to present a picture of rural culture over the past 500 years. Guests can visit Alpine huts, a village school, a sawmill, a blacksmith shop, and also observe numerous craft demonstrations. Visitors can see how rural folk lived and worked, some aspects of which still exists today.

Here children not only learn about the past, but can also play on a special playground or in the petting zoo. The Schanigarten restaurant offers visitors an ideal place to take a little break.

Special exhibits and activities are also scheduled here. Starting in 2010, a unique antique railway will carry young and old through this open air museum near Salzburg.

Additional information and hours of operation can be found at:

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