Journey into the past: The Grödig museums are always worth a visit.

The Untersberg Museum in Fürstenbrunn

The Untersberg Museum in Fürstenbrunn houses an interesting collection of lovingly assembled showpieces, offering an insight into the eventful history of the famous Untersberg marble in all its aspects (economic, social and art-historical).

An integral part of the museum is the ball mill for the production of the magnificent marble balls.

Other focal points of the collection are the customs and legends surrounding the Untersberg, which is the mountain of legends in the German-speaking world par excellence.

The figures of the "Wild Hunt" are exhibited here, except around the 2nd Thursday in Advent: then they come alive and are on the road.

Annual special exhibitions and the traditional events of the Easter bazaar with the palm bush making and the Advent bazaar enliven the museum scene.

Guided tours are available by appointment.

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The Grödig Radio Museum

Documents the history of radio from radio transmitters to the FM sets of the 1960s through its approximately 250 exhibits.

With a rich selection of devices, the museum shows the technical development of radio in individual sections. The fully functional devices of the collection will be presented to you under the expert guidance of the museum director and demonstrated upon request.

You can expect devices from the beginnings of wireless telegraphy, detector and tube apparatus. You will also find rarities, such as a radio built in Salzburg in 1928, an Ingelen US 437 Geographic (built in 1937), a wire tone set and a number of rare apparatuses from the early days of broadcasting.

One area of the museum is reserved for ongoing special exhibits.  The museum also operates a radio exchange with a large selection of radios, tubes and various spare parts.

In addition, an archive with an extensive stock of radio-related magazines is available to those interested.

The radio museum gives an insight into the origins of radio - starting with the Volksempfänger (people's receiver) - through the various forms of music equipment. In addition to various exhibits and demonstrations of rare devices, visitors can actively participate, for example, in the construction of a detector device.

Guided tours are available by appointment.

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