Since the 11th Century, the Hohensalzburg Fortress has towered over the city of Salzburg.

Various architectural styles have given this fortress its current impressive form. Today it is the largest, intact fortress construction in Central Europe and has become the most famous symbol of the Festival City.

Even from a distance the fortress in Salzburg can be seen towering over the city’s rooftops and the mountain on which the castle rests. However, the first impression that catches the visitor’s eye is not the fortress, but rather the magnificent panorama it forms together with the Salzburg's historic city center and the surrounding mountain peaks.

If you feel you’ve had enough of the scenery, then why not visit the fortress museum and learn about life in this former military stronghold. Here you can get to know the history of the fortress and the preeminent power of Salzburg’s ruling prince archbishops

Explore the exterior areas of the fortress on your own, or use an audio guide (available in various languages) to learn more about the castle’s interior rooms. Of particular interest in the fortress hall is the antique ceramic tile oven. Children will especially enjoy the Marionette Theater’s Museum located in the fortress.

For culture lovers, an experience in Salzburg not to be missed is a concert performed in the fortress hall.

Hohensalzburg fortress

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