Photos an videos from Grödig and the Untersberg!

Welcome to Grödig near Salzburg. Here you will get a first impression of how beautiful your vacation in Grödig near Salzburg will be. Click through the great nature shots: Grödig in summer and winter, the Untersberg with the Untersberg cable car, and our many events during Advent.

Did you take some great photos on your vacation? We would be happy if you share them with us! Simply send it to our email address or post directly on one of our Instagram pages: #visitgroedig #visituntersberg

Grödig in summer

Untersberg in summer

Grödig in winter

Untersberg in winter

Advent in Grödig

Traditions in Grödig

How did you like your vacation in Grödig near Salzburg? Share your holiday memories with us – the team from the Grödig Tourism Association would be happy to receive your feedback! Send us photos of a hike up the Unterberg, a ride on the Untersbergbahn, a trip to the city of Salzburg, the eaglesnest, the salt mine in Hallein or a day swimming at one of the many lakes near us!

The rich architectural and cultural heritage of the archiepiscopal rule, which lasted until 1803, is still visible and tangible in Salzburg today. The churches, castles, and squares built at that time provide the perfect stage for high-level music and cultural events.
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