Just across the border in Bavaria is the romantic town of Berchtesgaden. Because of its incredible beauty, the entire surrounding region has been made into a national park.

Within this national park is Lake Königssee with its pilgrimage church. Berchtesgaden is the perfect starting point for longer mountain hikes, sports and relaxing walks.

The town itself draws visitors because of its small shops, charming cafés and Bavarian-style inns serving local culinary specialties.

Journey down into the deep in the Salzberg mine where you will learn how salt – known as white gold – has been collected since the earliest of times.

A trip into the mine is an especially enjoyable adventure for children.

A visit to the Watzmanntherme hot springs complex in Berchtesgaden is a great way to refresh body and soul. Here guests can enjoy a children’s swimming area, pools, a sauna and warm salt baths that will help you to feel good all over and to forget any stress.

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