Culture and Tradition in Grödig

Regional Traditions around Salzburg

There still are a few places where traditional customs are alive and well, and Grödig by Salzburg is one of them!

Here the locals place considerable importance on passing along traditions and celebrating traditional festivals

For example, every year on the 1st of May they erect a decorated maypole – a symbol of bounty and the hope for a good harvest.

Likewise, the inhabitants celebrate the harvest with a thanksgiving festival, at which no local delicacy dare be absent from the table.
Each year during the annual church festival, regional culinary delicacies are presented for guests to enjoy.

One important regional tradition in Salzburg is the annual Wilde Jagd – or running of the wild spirits. Held on the second Thursday in Advent, twelve mysterious figures wander around the towns around the Untersberg Mountain on this damp, cold night and chase away the bad luck from the homes. Another example of local culture and tradition in Grödig is the farmer’s theater troupe. This company’s performances are sure to amuse you!

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