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Getting married in the Sound of Music scenery of the festival city

Getting married in Grödig Getting married in Grödig Go ahead, why not! Getting married is one of the most wonderful reasons there is to throw a lavish and unforgettable celebration. To make this most beautiful day of your life one to remember, you’ll need the perfect location, and getting married in the Salzburg countryside is a most memorable experience! Why not celebrate your wedding in picturesque Grödig by Salzburg. The romantic village church of St. Leonhard offers a festive ambiance to say “I do,” and the lovely and well-furnished restaurants and reception halls are perfect venues for you and your wedding guests to relax and enjoy.

If you would like, we can arrange for musicians to announce your nuptials. Likewise, sumptuous meals, tasteful decorations and entertainment for your guests can also be arranged. Your guests will have no problems finding their way to Grödig because it is located just 8 km from the city and just off the Autobahn highway exit at (Salzburg Süd). Convenient and ample parking is also available. For guests who are traveling a distance, we offer comfortable hotels and bed and breakfast inns right here in Grödig. In order to make your wedding day less hectic, the Tourism Information Center in Grödig is able to help organize the wedding for you. If you are looking for the extraordinary, then why not get married atop of the majestic Untersberg Mountain?

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