St. Leonhard at the Untersberg Mountain

Romance and tradition south of Salzburg City

St. Leonhard, the most romantic section of Grödig, owes its name to its patron saint, Leonhard, and is home a the splendid pilgrimage church named for him. The church is one of the most artistically and culturally interesting constructions in the Salzburg area, combining various architectural styles in a surprisingly harmonious fashion. The nave is Romanesque, while the triumphal arch and choir were built during the Gothic period. The church’s 63 meter high tower dates from the year 1644.

Each year during the Advent season, St. Leonhard, located just below the Untersberg Mountain, shines especially beautifully with its famous Christmas market surrounding its impressive church. Sixteen huts offer handmade delicacies and traditional crafts. Just prior to the Advent season on the 5 of November (St Leonhard’s feast day), the village hosts its traditional Leonhardi festival and horse parade. The nostalgic village church with its festive atmosphere and conveniently located inns makes St. Leonhard a much sought after venue to celebrate an unforgettable wedding.

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