Snowshoe hiking in Salzburg

Snowshoeing on Mount Untersberg

Snowshoeing in Salzburg Snowshoeing in Salzburg Even with these big shoes strapped to your feet, getting around Grödig near Salzburg is easy when you take a snowshoe hike. Nowadays, snowshoeing is being rediscovered as a means of getting around, and it’s good for the body, too! You don’t need to be an expert to participate, just being basically fit will do. An extensive number of snowshoe trails begin in Grödig, and you’ll find that walking in these somewhat oversized “tennis racquets” is a lot of fun and also a great way to get into shape. The mountaineering school, Salzburg Alpin, will teach you to take those first steps, and the Grödig Tourist Information Center is at your disposal! Enjoy snowshoe hiking in Salzburg!

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