Grödig’s Krampus festival

Krampus celebrations in Grödig and St. Leonhard

Perchten Perchten A typical custom in the Salzburg region is the celebration of Krampus in the season of Advent. During this celebration, young men dress as the demons and cover their faces with decoratively carved masks. Said to be the counterpart to St. Nicholas, Krampus is a devilish figure who comes not to reward good children, but to punish the naughty ones instead. As part of the festival, these Krampus figures move through the village, mostly accompanied by St. Nicholas. Each year, guests from around the world are surprised and thrilled by the Krampus figures. The Grödig Krampus group has 40 members and has been around since 1982. As these devilish figures parade through the village of Grödig, they ring large and heavy bells, letting their presence be known far and wide. Their masks both frighten and fascinate spectators, and their Rutenfaßl, or lair, is a place for both fun and fright!

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