Vacation in Grödig at the Untersberg

Springs for the Prince-Archbishops and Water for Salzburg

The water reservoir for Grödig and the city of Salzburg is the Untersberg.  The springs and wells at the foot of the mountain provide about 90% of the water needed by the city. The water from the springs as well as the ground water from the well in St. Leonhard are naturally pure because the required drinking water can be tapped where it occurs by nature: at the foot of the high mountain massif known as the Untersberg.  The water supply is supervised by the Grödig Water Cooperative, a public corporation with autonomous civic administration. The water is regularly analysed according to the legal regulations and testified by experts as being of excellent quality.  The water has a pH-value of 7.68 and an overall hardness of 8.48 according to the German scale of hardness. All the values are well below the permitted limits.  Doctors consider the flawless drinking water to be extremely healthy and recommend it.  When Salzburg was ruled by prince-archbishops, water-riders were sent daily to fetch the valuable commodity for the princely dining tables in the residential city – the village and surrounding area is still known as Fürstenbrunn – the well of the princes.


Historic Witnesses of Water Cultivation – the Alm Canal

This canal, which starts in Grödig at the so-called Königsseeache (tributary from Lake König), was created as early as the 8th century and was extremely important for the Baroque city of Salzburg. The water complex of the Alm Canal has fascinating historic origins, and with its shafts for the water pipelines hewn through the mountain, can be regarded as unique for a construction dating from the early Middle Ages in Central Europe. It offers an impressive testimony to the efforts and expenditure required over the centuries in order to ensure the luxury of drinking water supplies in the city and its surroundings.

Without this precious commodity it would also have been impossible to operate many of the craft trades in Salzburg.  Countless mills, power stations and small-scale industries were located along the canal.  The Baroque splendour of the fountains in the city of Salzburg would not have been created without water from the Alm Canal.

Traces from the Past and Present

Around the Untersberg there are still very many traces of the former and present day use of the precious water from the mountain.

A mill for producing marbles can still be viewed in Fürstenbrunn – this used to be an important economic factor in the region.  In a small museum visitors can also find out more about marble and the sagas and myths related to water.  In St. Leonhard there is still an old precious well in the historic garden adjoining an inn which shows how necessary absolutely pure water was for producing beer.  Nowadays the Stiegl Brewery still uses water from the Untersberg springs in its beer production.

Our water is an extremely valuable commodity.  As we become increasingly preoccupied with climate change and water shortages, it cannot be taken as a matter of course to be able to use water in such abundance and of such high quality. That’s why guests staying in accommodation at the foot of the Untersberg are greeted in their room or in the restaurant with a jug of water – a lid made of pinewood retains the aromatic freshness of the water.

Be active and get revitalized south of Salzburg City

Grödig is small, but quite ideal. Located just beyond the hustle and bustle of Salzburg, Grödig is still only a stone’s throw away from the city itself. Everything the Festival City of Salzburg has to offer is just 8 km away and is easily reached by car or by public transportation. Because of Grödig’s excellent access to the motorway, a visit to the area’s many beautiful attractions and lakes are simple. Grödig, with its 7,000 inhabitants, offers guests a quiet place to relax and to enjoy typical Austrian culture. Located at the base of the fabled Untersberg Mountain, Grödig offers both quick access to Salzburg, as well as incredible scenery.

Leisure activities while on vacation in Salzburg

Grödig is the ideal spot for anyone looking to explore Salzburg and also to enjoy nature‘s beauty. The imposing Untersberg mountain offers an endless number of opportunities for active adventures. Sport enthusiasts and families alike will find ideal venues for hiking, biking, golfing and Nordic walking. Grödig’s extensive network of hiking and biking paths offer guests opportunities for exploring and adventuring, as well as for rest and relaxation. In the summer, guests will find lush meadows and fabled vistas. During the winter season, Grödig offers ski trails, winter hiking on the Untersberg, picturesque Christmas markets and horse-driven sleigh rides. Come relax and unwind in magnificent Grödig – a village at Salzburg’s doorstep. Enjoy countryside holidays in Salzburg County!

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