Grödig Advent traditions

Advent customs and folklore in the Salzburg region

There are many legends dealing with the time before Christmas. For example, legend has it that during these damp nights, demonic beings roam about, and in order to ward them off, people often burn incense in their homes. On one of these nights in Grödig in Salzburg Province, a unique event, known as the Wilde Jagd, or Wild Hunt, takes place. On that night, twelve mysterious figures dash about town, driving evil and misfortune from the local houses. A more pleasant tradition involves St. Nicholas, who, according to history, was a particularly kindhearted bishop. Even today, St. Nicholas distributes small presents to good children. Careful, though, he is often accompanied by his not so kindly counterpart, Krampus, who is there to punish those children who have not been so well behaved.

Guests will find the traditional Christmas markets and pageants to be well worth a visit. There is much to experience and admire in Grödig at the Untersberg, as well as in Salzburg and the many surrounding villages.

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